Club etiquette


We are always trying to ensure we are offering the best experience possible for our members and guests. Please see below a few club rules that helps everyone enjoy the club.

1.) The Gym:

  • Please don’t forget to wipe down equipment after use, this is a sanitary matter. It takes very little time to clean up and it can be part of a cool down to any routine. A clean gym is a good gym!
  • Please be aware that there may come a time when you have to share the equipment, we are all trying to keep fit.
  • Turn it off, switch it to silent, or politely exit the gym. Please do not make phone calls in the gym, you risk distracting others from their training.
  • No bags or coats to be brought in to the gym.

2.) The Pool

  • Use the shower. When using poolside facilities always shower before use, even when crossing from the sauna to the pool.
  • In light of some recent issues we’ve encountered at the pool, please do not forget to empty your pockets before going into the spa or the pool. No one wants tissue paper floating around when they are swimming.

3.) The Bar

  • Our bar is a place for members to sit, relax and enjoy themselves. Please be aware of our surroundings, mobile phones are not to be used within the pulse bar, it can be distracting to other members.
  • Be patient. The pulse bar is a popular place for us, so when there is a queue please be patient.

Overall we want your time at the club to be as great as possible, and you can help us achieve this goal.