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You may have noticed some new faces around the gym recently. Their names are Jack and Edgar and they were delighted to be a part of our family. So please feel free to pop by the desk in the gym if you have any fitness-related questions, need guidance reaching your goals, or just want to chat.

Exercise of the Month: Pavlov Press

Known by many names the Pavlov Press is one of the tougher core exercises used in both injury rehabilitation and athlete conditioning. This exercise is isometric meaning that there is no movement of the muscles or joints being used and thus is often kinder than some more powerful moving variations.

To start a Pavlov Press, in this example using the single handle kinesis machine, stand side on to the machine holding the handle in both hands to the centre of your chest. Take a step back so that the handle is perpendicular to the machine when you fully extend your arms forward. Set your feet to a shoulder-width base with your pelvis and shoulders both square to the machine, these should not move from this position. To begin the exercise press the weight forward and resist the rotation as it tries to twist your pelvis, core and shoulders, this resistance should create a mass of muscle activation.

This exercise can be performed for reps, i.e. 12 x 3, or for time, i.e. 30s holds.

I recommend starting on 3.75kg-5kg and progressing slowly, if the weight is too heavy we often lose our central position and cheat, making it both easier and ineffective.

The Pavlov press is an anti-rotation exercise which makes it a great exercise to utilise in rotation based sports such as golf, tennis or cricket. It’s known to strengthen the body’s core and provide improvements in braking against high loads, and thus is thought to be a key training principle in reducing the prevalence of low back pain within golfers.

Member of the Month

This month we nominated Kay Corbett as member of the month for her continued hard-work, here are some words from her:

“I must say I’m a little embarrassed by my nomination, however, am extremely flattered none the less!

This club is both my saviour and my sanity! I cannot thank the club enough for all of their support. I’ve had a turbulent two years having broken my elbow and having had a foot operation with many complications. My positive rehabilitation has been down to the help, support and professionalism of the staff and instructors.

The gym team have been absolutely brilliant in guiding and encouraging me to better myself. In addition, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without Star and Liz in their invigorating, and enlightening Iyengar Yoga classes. Both instructors have been so helpful and inspiring!

The club has a great vibe. I’ve been a member here for many years and absolutely love coming.”

Congratulations from everyone at Meyrick Park.