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Golf Update

October is here which welcomes the rain. It hasn’t stopped raining, and so far we have had 68mm of rain which is double that of last year. This is great for the course especially the fairways. As you may have seen we have seeded the fairways which is working extremely well as the seed has now germinated and the grass is growing like crazy.

Can I please ask members to be patient and understanding about the fairways not having been cut as I know grass is long but the reason for that is the growth needs time to establish itself before winter hits. Next week we will hopefully have some dry days and we will be topping the fairways and putting some fertiliser down to encourage the growth. The winter projects that will be taking place are:

  • Pathways around the course
  • Bunkers
  • Tree work which we have already started clearing last year’s debris work

Bear in mind these projects are all weather dependant. I’m really proud of all staff, and congratulations to Joshua Hadley on winning employee of the month.

Can I ask members to be understanding while work is carried out on course and stay away from roped off areas.