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Inspirational Stories

On each occasion that we have visited Meyrick Park for a Society Day, we have been well looked after. Booking has been easy every time, and the food choice and attention to our needs have been great. We look forward to many more bookings with you.

Pete M

Ivett and her team in the bar do a wonderful job of making all their clients - members and guests alike - feel hugely welcome. Even when they are up against it and engulfed by hungry golfers and gym goers, they are professional and efficient, and most importantly they have a smile and a great sense of humour. It is always a pleasure to be served by them.

James B

I have been a member of the club for 2 years. I really enjoy using the facilities: the gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. The dance classes are very good exercise as well as being great fun. It is very nice to relax in the bar afterwards. The food is always tasty and good value for money. The staff are lovely and friendly.

Janet J

I have been a member at the club for 10+ years and have visited throughout this time on a regular basis, mainly in the gym and pool. These facilities together with all the others are well kept, cleaned and maintained and rarely busy at the peak times I attend. Staff and members are all friendly and pleasant with a great attitude.

Ben P

Meyrick Park is by far the best gym in town. The equipment is very well maintained, the gym is very clean and the staff are fantastic. They are always welcoming and ready to help and advise. There is an extensive selection for all tastes and ability. The changing rooms are light and airy, the swimming pool is a perfect size, the bar staff are very efficient, and the food is nice, well priced and quickly served. The reception staff are very professional, very welcoming and again, very helpful. The gym at Meyrick Park IS A GREAT PLACE.

Isabelle P

The front line staff are always friendly, helpful and brilliant in every way. Thanks for all the services.

Jenny R

Course greens are the best in Dorset. Gym and fitness facilities are clean and tidy. The gym is quiet at peak times which is perfect. The social side of golf is fantastic, I have made some really good friends here.

Andrew P

There are only positive comments I can make about this club, which include the staff who make it a positive and friendly atmosphere to train and relax in. Furthermore I feel the club is situated in a great location.

Kenneth J

Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, and help to motivate me at all times.

Kiran C

I like how private it is! There are always helpful and friendly staff around to help and give advice.

Luise A