Your Health Club Update - October

Monday 10th October 2022

As we move into autumn and the nights start to draw in, I hope you are still making the most of the club and all it has to offer.

Christmas is just around the corner, so don’t forget to book tickets for our fabulously festive events before they sell out. We’ve got lots of other exciting events planned over the next few weeks to keep you entertained as the weather turns colder.

Finally, make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running this autumn by booking a gym review with the Wellness Team.

Plank Challenge

For National Fitness Day on Wednesday 21st September we held a club-wide challenge to see which clubs could plank for the longest total time! Each club had its individual male and female winner. Congratulations to everyone who took part at Meyrick Park, but especially Goran Menovski & Nikki Byrne who held their planks for the longest!

Wellness Team

Please give a very big warm welcome to our newest members of the Wellness Team, Emily & Pete! You may have already seen them on the gym floor assisting members with their workouts, so please say hello the next time you are in the club.

BOX - Kick boxing Class with Gabor

Our Wellness Coach & PT Gabor has just started a brand new class called “BOX” - a kickboxing class in Studio One on Mondays from 5:30 - 6:15pm.

Gabor has been teaching martial arts for a number of years and is a Black Belt Taekwondo and Red Belt Kickboxer. He will be teaching you self defence moves to become more confident, while helping to improve flexibility, endurance, explosive power and coordination.

This class also helps relieve everyday stress, ensuring you have lots of fun! It’s open to all abilities, so book on the app and come and be a part of something new.

Free Fruit Fridays and Smoothie shot days

We have had some great feedback from you regarding Free Fruit Fridays and Smoothie taster shots. Keep your eyes “peeled” for the next update!

Les Mills Launch

It was lovely to see so many happy, smiling members during the Les Mills Launch recently. We have some great music and routines to master. We subscribe to the Les Mills Workout Progamme, which brings variety, structure and high standards of instruction to our class timetable. The five programmes we subscribe to are Sh’bam, Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Attack and Body Balance. Descriptions of these can be found on your club app, on the website or at reception. Other benefits to these classes are that the routines are designed to run for 12 weeks, giving you time to get your teeth into the technique and routines but often the instructors may mix it up a bit before the next launch. These launch weeks are a great opportunity to bring friends along for free to experience the classes. Please contact Claudie, Wellness Manager for more information regarding class passes for non-members for the next event.

Events for your diary

  • 19th October - Quiz Night
  • 27th October – Race Night
  • 31st October – Halloween Gym Challenge
  • 10th November – New Members Evening
  • 16th November - Quiz Night

You Asked, We Acted

  • You mentioned to us that there seemed to be a lot of towels left in the changing rooms. We have now placed new towel bins in the changing rooms for members and guests to put hired towels in. These are available from reception for just £2.
  • You asked us what had happened to the specials board in the bar. Whilst we were reviewing the menu and researching the most popular meal choices we needed to remove it, however now that we have a better understanding of what you like it is back. This will change frequently so it is worth popping in to see what the chef has created.
  • Some of you have mentioned that your social life has suffered since Covid, so you’ll be pleased to know that we have a plan of events stretching into 2023. Please refer to the events section of this newsletter, our social media pages and the noticeboards to find out what is happening next. We look forward to seeing you at these events.